It’s not a coincidence that I showed up at xmas time

Niteflirt Phone Sex Money Slaves; Cry no more ! Yes, The Bitch is Back  ! It’s that time of year again.  Time for mistress delilah “dominant by design” on niteflirt  to take full advantage of  adult fetish freaks weak losers, cuckolds, money pigs, submissives, foot worshippers and sissies. I usually do these things in real time encounters instead of just the phone but niteflirt is a great site for phone sex and domination. It works well and is cheap enough for even the lowliest most pathetic phone sex junkie and addict to stay in the game.  It works with pay per minute phone sex and pay to view nude pics and other adult fun.

I do have a private blog but that’s for my real time , members only men who have served me quite well during the past year. Membership most certainly has it’s rewards. How do you become a “member” and what is “membership”  It’s not as concrete and cumbersome as it sounds. Remember I don’t fear commitment I just believe firstly in financial commitment before all else.

Membership means that you have spent enough money on me during the past quarter to keep me interested in maintaining communication with you.  What is that dollar amount? Let’s put it this way, when you reach it I’ll let you know. It’s like getting to the secret level in a video game lol.

Impress me is the name of the game.



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