I have a new site that I’m excited about

I am now available on myphonesite.com/dominantbydesign and myphonesite.com/menwillprovide


It’s not a coincidence that I showed up at xmas time

Niteflirt Phone Sex Money Slaves; Cry no more ! Yes, The Bitch is Back  ! It’s that time of year again.  Time for mistress delilah “dominant by design” on niteflirt  to take full advantage of  adult fetish freaks weak losers, cuckolds, money pigs, submissives, foot worshippers and sissies. I usually do these things in real time encounters instead of just the phone but niteflirt is a great site for phone sex and domination. It works well and is cheap enough for even the lowliest most pathetic phone sex junkie and addict to stay in the game.  It works with pay per minute phone sex and pay to view nude pics and other adult fun.

I do have a private blog but that’s for my real time , members only men who have served me quite well during the past year. Membership most certainly has it’s rewards. How do you become a “member” and what is “membership”  It’s not as concrete and cumbersome as it sounds. Remember I don’t fear commitment I just believe firstly in financial commitment before all else.

Membership means that you have spent enough money on me during the past quarter to keep me interested in maintaining communication with you.  What is that dollar amount? Let’s put it this way, when you reach it I’ll let you know. It’s like getting to the secret level in a video game lol.

Impress me is the name of the game.


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ! I flew into Austin, Texas on Wednesday so that I can spend the biggest shopping day and the 2nd biggest party night of the year with my favorite cousin. She is very hot and guys go crazy over the both of us hanging out.  My daughter is at her grandparents house so I am just free to relax and have a great time. I took lots of calls today it’s been very busy on niteflirt  and guys are just eating me up.  Tonight my cousin and I were supposed to have dinner together but she got a call from her favorite secret crush guy and the two of them will be spending the evening alone.

No worries though guys, your goddess will not be dining alone. I will enjoying a fantastic dinner in one of Texas finest restaurants with a very sexy guy named Michael. Michael is an investment broker and have some very wealthy and famous clientele. He is extremely wealthy and comes from an old money Texas family.  This new york diva will have him on his knees in no time. I am going to wear something very simple and sexy to dinner tonight. I’ll be wearing a beautiful sexy black mini skirt with a hunter green silk blouse. Blonde’s do look beautiful in green. What you have heard is true. I will be wearing sexy black silk panties a matching bra that were gifts from Harry an older NY executive and black french silk stockings from Roman a sexy latin dance instructor also in NY. I will be wearing one simple gold chain with an emerald around my neck. A treasured gift from my grandfather and looking stunning of course.  Oh yes my shoes. I will be wearing black pumps 4.5 inches high which is about as low of a heel as I go but it is a conservative dinner.

Stay tuned to find out  what happened after dinner and check in again tomorrow to see  what happens tomorrow during my shopping trip and tomorrow evening out at the clubs.